This article aims to discuss how to learn game programming at home for beginners. By giving you the tools and tips you need to be successful.

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Programming games is a great skill. One you can easily learn at home with only a computer and an internet connection.

Game development is huge! Billions of dollars are being made in the industry. Game development is very popular at the moment with many jobs available.

A bonus is it can allow you to work from home and earn money! There are many game developers who work on games from home and that’s how they pay their bills!

What do I need to learn Game Programming at home?

  • You need a computer and the internet obviously
  • Learning resources such as online courses or videos.
  • Motivation and patience! No one became a pro overnight.

Where can I find learning resources for Game Programming?

There are tones of guides, tutorials and videos on game development. However, with there being so much to take in, it can be difficult for beginners just starting out.

A good resource is, there are thousands on thousands of free videos to learn from. However, the amount can be overwhelming. How do you know which one will help you? It can take a while to find good sources to learn from.

This is where online game programming classes come in handy! These online videos are prepared by programming professionals.  Although these guides do cost a little bit of money. The cost is outweighed by how much easier it will be to learn versus finding other resources.

What are some of the popular game programming courses I can use to learn from home?

There are a heap of different game programming courses available, for whatever type of game you want to create! Do you want to create a platformer on iPhone or a game like Pokemon Go on Android? You can do that.
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